Arbiter Scheduling Guidelines

To receive games through the ENOA on the Arbiter an official must:

  • Pay Dues
  • Abide by ENOA member conduct guidelines
  • Complete their availability online
  • Check "ready" on Home Screen when availability is complete
  • Keep their availability current throughout the season

Acceptance Time Frame

All games that are assigned and published on the arbiter must be accepted within 2 days. If a game is not accepted during this time frame the assignor has the right to reassign the game to another official. The assignor will only publish games Sunday through Wednesday.

Turn Back Time Frame

After the official accepts a game, he/she should be prepared to work that game unless a bona fide emergency arises. Please see the ENOA member conduct for specific procedures. However, if an emergency arises and the official cannot make the assigned game, the official that was assigned the game must work with the assignor to contact a substitute to work the contest. The official must give the assignor as much notice as possible. The assignor will make every attempt to honor the official?s request, but the assignor must be certain a qualified individual remains assigned to the contest or that official honors the original assignment. The assignor will use good judgment as to what qualifies as an emergency.

7 Days or Less

  • Contact the Assignor
  • Contact only officials provided by the assignor
  • Contact the assignor to confirm who will work the game
  • The assignor will notify the other officials and the home school AD

8 Days or more

  • Contact the assignor
  • The assignor will be responsible for finding a replacement official

Please note when turning back a game:

Physically talk to the assignor, don't rely on emails, or leaving messages Turning back accepted games may affect the number of assigned games in the future

Higher Level Games

It has always been the policy of the ENOA to allow an official that has a higher level game to take the higher level game if a replacement official is available. (IE Varsity game in place of a JV game). A move from a Varsity game to a College game can only be made if the competing schools agree to the replacement official and there are no restrictions in the original contract.

If the assignor feels a member isn't ready to be assigned games for any reason above or as the guidelines state, an official may be subject to having their account inactivated by the arbiter. An official who has their account deactivated will be notified by the Board. The official may request a meeting with the Board to discuss the situation.