Member Conduct

It is expected that the members of the Association will conduct themselves in a professional manner whenever they are in uniform, or representing the Association in any capacity. It is also important to note that personal conduct even removed from officiating does reflect on an official's reputation. Therefore it is also expected that members of the Association handle their personal lives in a manner that does not jeopardize the integrity of the Association or fellow officials.

The Board of Directors will review situations brought to their attention regarding any member whose actions whether professional or personal are deemed to reflect negatively on the Association. Any member who comes under review will be entitled to a meeting with the Board, prior to the board making any disciplinary decisions. The member may bring other people or evidence as is appropriate.

The Board's disciplinary actions may include:

  • No action
  • Verbal reprimand
  • Written reprimand
  • Limitation of receiving games
  • Temporary suspension from receiving games
  • Expulsion from the Association

All members are expected to:

  • Be in adequate physical condition
  • Be knowledgeable of the rules
  • Be able to competently officiate and manage the game
  • Be Registered with the NSAA


The ENOA will not restrict an official from accepting and officiating a game where a perceived conflict may exist. Officials may accept games where close family members may participate, or with schools where close family members may attend. The official should use utmost discretion when accepting these games and perform with an unbiased attitude. If an official is not confident in their ability to be impartial, they should block the school(s) on the arbiter.

Attend the scheduled meetings and clinics

Dress according to Federation requirements (no exceptions).

Jewelry, sunglasses, and sloppy attire are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Work the games you are scheduled for and have accepted.

In the rare occasion where an accepted game must be turned back, notify the assignor that you are unable to work a game. If the game is more than 48 hours away, the assignor will find a suitable replacement. If the game is under 48 hours away, it is up to the official to find a replacement WITH the approval of the assignor.

The acceptable procedure for finding a substitute official is to first contact the assignor. It is expected that the assignor will make every effort to accommodate the request. The assignor will provide the official the names of several substitute officials to call. Upon finding a substitute, the original official must provide the substitute official's name to the assignor. The assignor will then send out the new official's name to the Referee or lead official.

Arrive at the site early enough to perform all pregame duties. A minimum of 15 minutes before game time is acceptable. If you cannot be at the site 15 minutes early, you must contact your referee or lead official. Do not leave you partners wondering about your arrival.

Keep your availability current on Arbiter. As the season progresses, everyone's schedule changes. In order to assist the assignor, it is important to update your status on Arbiter periodically.

Contact the school and your crew. The referee/lead official are required to confirm game time, date, and site with the home school. Every AD has stated numerous times how they appreciate the contact. The referee/lead official must also contact his/her crew members to verify they will be at the game and to arrange for a carpool. If as a crew member you haven't been contacted by your referee/lead official, it is your obligation to report this situation to the scheduler. Failure by the referee/lead official to make these contact will result in disciplinary action by the Board.

Act professionally at all times. This includes interacting with coaches, players, other officials, and fans. It is never acceptable behavior to argue or confront anyone either before, during, or after the game.

Support the ENOA. Without your support, the Association would cease to exist. It is imperative that everyone pay dues promptly, attend meetings and clinics, work a number of games per season, and to promote the organization to existing and potential new officials.

In addition, the ENOA fully supports the NFHS officials Code of Ethics. All members are expected to adhere to these Codes