Mentoring Program

ENOA Mentorship Program

As you get organized, let’s not forget one of our missions in this association is to share our skills, knowledge and experiences with new officials.

What is the mentoring program?

The ENOA mentorship program was implemented to recruit, develop and retain quality officials that represent the ENOA at a high level of professionalism. The ENOA board highly recommends that any official classified as registered with the NSAA, participate in this mentoring program. The program objectives are;

  1. New officials in the program can remain in the mentoring program until they meet the approved officiating classification as outlined by the NSAA.
  2. The mentor will be required to attend one game and preferably two games the mentee is working to observe and provide an informal evaluation.
  3. Throughout the season the mentor/new official will maintain a consistent communication link to discuss and develop mechanics, positioning, judgment calls, game management and communications with coaches/players.
  4. New officials in the mentorship program will begin with freshman and reserve games. Potentially, higher level games will be assigned depending on recommendations from evaluator(s), mentor and/or at the discretion of the ENOA board.
  5. It is highly recommended that new officials in the mentorship program attend the NSAA, NHSOA or the ENOA clinics, when available.
  6. If a new official in the mentorship program is not on a varsity crew, it is highly recommended that the new official attend at least one varsity game with the mentor. If possible, the official will travel with the crew, attend the pre-game in the locker room and on the field, be with the crew at half-time and be present for any post-game discussions.

How will the mentor program benefit me?

In past seasons, new officials in the program have advanced their skills at a higher level by working with a mentor, attending clinics and networking with other officials. New officials in the program that work hard and demonstrate a willingness to learn and improve their officiating game, soon find themselves receiving varsity games early in their officiating career than perhaps they would not have received without participating in the mentoring program.

How do I as a new official or as an experienced official enter the mentor program?

If you are new to our association this year OR you were not in the mentor program last year as a first year official OR you still hold the registered classification with NSAA and returning for a second year in the program, now is the time to submit your name to me at enoaboard@gmail.com. If you know an experienced official that you would like to have as a mentor, please give me that name as well. If you have at least four years experience as a varsity official and want to share your experiences, talent and knowledge, we need you as a mentor! As a mentor you will be the first point of contact for your new official throughout the season, you will be encouraged to take your new official to one of your varsity games and you will be encouraged to observe your new official working game(s) and share some few pointers.

Please submit your names early before our first football meeting. This will give time to match the mentors and mentees, announce the match-ups and then allow the team to get an early start and perhaps attend the jamboree together before the season begins.

Please email any questions.